Black Rock Yangshuo guided cyling tours

Bicycle tours

Black Rock isn’t only focused on the more extreme or adrenaline-prone outdoor activities. Yangshuo is famous for being THE place to hop on a bike and go out explore the countryside with it’s amazing hill-top view spots and fairy tale-like valleys filled with creeks, flowers, birds, playing children, and so on…

Whether you want to get further away from civilisation and explore the more remote areas (combined with camping, you have the opportunity to go further!), or prefer to quickly go visit the best places for big groups to have fun (barbecues, jumping of age-old bridges into fresh river water, cave exploration…), Black Rock’s team can help you organize it and guide you.

Contact us well in advance with information regarding preferences and group details (age, size, possible physical disabilities…) and we’ll get back to you and start discussing what would be most fun for you.

Cycling tours in Yangshuo with Black Rock