Our shop in Yangshuo
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Outdoor rock climbing for all

Formally approved by the Guilin Sports Council, Black Rock Climbing Club exists since 2002. We’re mainly engaged in rock climbing and outdoor sports activities for beginners, in and arround Yangshuo. As such, our customers are mostly backpackers, curious adventurous tourists, families, corporate groups, school groups and international outdoor adventure clubs who come enjoy the thrill and beauty of climbing on Yangshuo’s karst mountains (as well as the ideal environment for team-bonding, team-building activities in the amazing countryside arround Yangshuo, for the bigger groups).

Best friend of amateurs and pro’s

Of course, Yangshuo being one of the best spots in China for rock climbing with its beautiful scenery and amazing rock quality, it is also a hotspot for international climbing fans and professionals.

Black Rock Climbing provides training courses for everything from very beginner to advanced level. Courses can take from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks.

Selling and renting equipment

One of the ways in which we contribute to the climbing community is by being the #1 shop for sales and rental of climbing gear.

Shoes, ropes, chalk blocks, guide books, maps, grigris, quickdraws… You name it, we have it!

Design, construction, safety

Our other area of expertise lies in the planning, design and construction of climbing walls or outdoor routes, as well as the necessary climbing and safety training for staff and guides.

Quality and international reputation

  1. Aniu, Black Rock Climbing’s founder and main guide, is sponsored by THE NORTH FACE and SALEWA.
  2. Chinese and foreign television stations have covered climbing in Yangshuo with us.
  3. The gear in our shop is from top brands such as The North Face, Salewa, Petzl, Black Diamond, and so on.