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Our Team

Caitlin Bradley’s passion for outdoors and conservation has fueled her motivation to educate school children in China about the environment.  She received a Master’s degree in Wildlife and Conservation Ecology from her home country, USA, and she hopes this will help her design fun and educational environmental programs.


Hector Garcia, originally from Spain, became a secondary school teacher in the UK.  Since then he has traveled around the world helping to establish curriculums in schools and universities.  He decided to join Black Rock to help further develop their experiential education curriculum in a fun and safe way.   


Aniu, originally from a minority village in Guangxi, fell in love with rock climbing and outdoor sports 10 years ago.  He has since been a sponsored North Face athlete, develops climbing areas, constructs commercial climbing walls, and is the overall technical guru for outdoor safety. 


What comes up must come down! Abseiling is an awesome activity for those who want to get on the karst mountains, but don’t want to climb. Abseiling is less physical than climbing, but just as exciting. You will hike to moon hill, and then take a small path to the very top. From there you will rappel nearly 100 m down.

You will learn how to use ropes and a harness, and learn how to lower yourself off a cliff, while enjoying the beautiful view from on top of Moon Hill. Due to the high number of staff needed to safely conduct abseiling, we require groups of at least 3 people.

Price: 500 rmb

Duration: 4 hours

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Zip-lining with Black Rock Yangshuo


Not only will you enjoy an adrenaline rush as you step off the edge and fly across a canyon formed by two karst peaks, but the zipline is also placed in a scenic area outside of Yangshuo. You will be able to walk through a small village, rice paddies and lotus ponds. Then there is a small hike up a karst peak, where you will enjoy a magical view from above.

Easier than climbing and abseiling, but definitely exciting as well, zip-lining can be combined with some abseiling at the place called Treasure Cave. Perfect for an original, intense and fun day out in the countryside.

Note that we need at least two customers in order to organize this, because of the staff needed for setting up and taking care of the activity.

Duration: ~4 hours

Price: 450 rmb per person

(Contact us ifyou’re with a big group, for a group discount.)


Zip-lining with Black Rock Yangshuo yangshuo-climbing-spot-1 IMG_3970 IMG_3988 01309898019415BEFF80808130963B05


Kayaking is an excellent option throughout the summer months around Yangshuo.  Yangshuo’s mystical scenery is most impressive when viewed from the water. Escape the masses of people and kayak down the Li River as you leisurely kayak through karst peaks, rice paddies and water buffalo.

The kayaking trip in Yangshuo starts from the old market of Fuli, an 800 year-old town that is famous for fan painting, and finally ends in Puyi (about 4 hours down river, a small town largely unaffected by tourism). The total kayaking trip in Yangshuo is 18km (there is a optional break possible mid-way) and is suitable for all ages.

On the way you will view local fishermen going about their daily routine, farmers letting their buffalos graze and bathe. Even local farm animals to dragon flies and butterflies skipping over the clear water can be seen on that stretch of the Li river. The river is fairly slow moving although at some points it can pick up some speed. The tour is not too arduous and we will kayak at a relaxed pace. Their are professional (good quality) life jackets for everyone, and a local bamboo motor boat accompanies the group on the water for all safety and convenience (and in case some wish to rest).

Price: (*) 300 rmb per person (without guide)
Price: (*) 300 rmb per person with guide

Duration: 3~4 hours

(*)  groups : contact us for a quote


Black Rock Yangshuo guided cyling tours

Bicycle tours

Black Rock isn’t only focused on the more extreme or adrenaline-prone outdoor activities. Yangshuo is famous for being THE place to hop on a bike and go out explore the countryside with it’s amazing hill-top view spots and fairy tale-like valleys filled with creeks, flowers, birds, playing children, and so on…

Whether you want to get further away from civilisation and explore the more remote areas (combined with camping, you have the opportunity to go further!), or prefer to quickly go visit the best places for big groups to have fun (barbecues, jumping of age-old bridges into fresh river water, cave exploration…), Black Rock’s team can help you organize it and guide you.

Contact us well in advance with information regarding preferences and group details (age, size, possible physical disabilities…) and we’ll get back to you and start discussing what would be most fun for you.

Cycling tours in Yangshuo with Black Rock

Yangshuo countryside camping - Black Rock

Camping tours

Ever dreamed of having a wonderful evening with friends eating barbecue around a campfire, surrounded by mountains, alone in the countryside, with a river flowing next to you, ideal for midnight bathing or great fun during the hottest hours of the day?

Let Black Rock guide you to this idyllic spot along the Yulong river, which even has a large roof-covered area in case it starts raining overnight, or where you can hide from the sun if temperatures rise to baking levels.

Gear, guides, location, firewood…  We can even help you get big tires for enjoying the cool river water!

Contact us a little in advance to discuss what you need and give us time to ensure all is perfect for when the day comes!


Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock Camping Yangshuo countryside - Black Rock

Rock climbing
Training for all levels

Aniu, our lead guide and North Face sponsored climber, and our guide Joe ( Xiaoqi) teach rock climbing courses. Aniu has taught over 50 students, including the rock climbing coaches at Club Med Guilin (Yuzi Paradise Guilin). Since Aniu has been more and more busy with construction and consulting projects, Joe has taken over most of the lessons and gets nothing but praise and friendship from his already numerable students.

Rock climbing courses last from 2 to 10 days for people who want to go beyond a day trip for fun and learn the technical aspects such as anchor setting and cleaning, belaying, lead-belaying and lead climbing.

Interested in training with us?

Please contact us, explaining your situation (ie. how many days you want to learn, your priorities for the class, your prior experience, etc.) and we will give you a price estimate. Sometimes Aniu will accept students for free in exchange for creative individuals that will help with work in the shop, picture taking and shop promotion.

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