Climbing walls
Design, Construction, Safety

Black Rock Climbing’s experience is not only with fun outdoor activities and events, but also with design and construction of climbing walls and rock climbing routes.

Black Rock Climbing provides professional services to resorts, gyms, natural outdoor development areas and commercial climbing spaces alike.

Outdoor development

  • natural rock probing and feasibility-testing of developing routes
  • measuring climbing routes’ difficulty or designing routes with specified difficulty grade
  • maintenance of outdoor natural rock or discovery of new development opportunities
  • construction of infrastructure and bolting of routes
  • training of on-site staff and providing necessary gear
  • safety check and training and cleaning of existing routes

Most recent project: Guilin Yuzi Paradise Yugong Mountain Climbing routes (Club Med China)

Indoor (climbing walls) construction

For commercial centers, hotels, fitness clubs, resorts, and independent or home-training climbing wall design and construction.

  • climbing wall slab, fulcrum , etc. installed in a separate steel base frame in the climbing gym’s facilities, with support structure, climbing surface ideal for flexible route development, route grading system, and at the top a protection system composed of four parts
  • climbing wall steel support structure is independent of the base frame, the primary and secondary steel consisting of steel to withstand the weight and stress slab climbing caused by climbing
  • independent rock climbing wall climbing surfaces and three-dimensional simulation slab edge panels; tilt angles and angular outcroppings according to the climbers’s skill level and customer requirements and design
  • climbing surface consists of strong board with equally spaced bolt holes, allowing for easy removal and placement of holds, which offers the possibility of infinite climbing route design creativity; gives climbing route setter freedom when designing the routes’ characteristics
  • at the top, an independent climbing wall protection system is the climbers’ fall protection and pioneers the use of protective devices; the protection system is fixed directly above on a support structure to disperse the stress, rather than being fixed in the rock climbing slabs
  • independent rock climbing walls can be widely used in all kinds of professional and non-professional rock climbing competitions, (at-home) climbing practice, companies’ and institutions’ training gyms, and to expand training in psychological and behavioral areas or for youth quality education
  • independent rock climbing wall at the climbing operation must meet the standards of the professional use of security equipment, security measures taken by professionals and training and assessment provided


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