Kayaking is an excellent option throughout the summer months around Yangshuo.  Yangshuo’s mystical scenery is most impressive when viewed from the water. Escape the masses of people and kayak down the Li River as you leisurely kayak through karst peaks, rice paddies and water buffalo.

The kayaking trip in Yangshuo starts from the old market of Fuli, an 800 year-old town that is famous for fan painting, and finally ends in Puyi (about 4 hours down river, a small town largely unaffected by tourism). The total kayaking trip in Yangshuo is 18km (there is a optional break possible mid-way) and is suitable for all ages.

On the way you will view local fishermen going about their daily routine, farmers letting their buffalos graze and bathe. Even local farm animals to dragon flies and butterflies skipping over the clear water can be seen on that stretch of the Li river. The river is fairly slow moving although at some points it can pick up some speed. The tour is not too arduous and we will kayak at a relaxed pace. Their are professional (good quality) life jackets for everyone, and a local bamboo motor boat accompanies the group on the water for all safety and convenience (and in case some wish to rest).

Price: (*) 300 rmb per person (without guide)
Price: (*) 300 rmb per person with guide

Duration: 3~4 hours

(*)  groups : contact us for a quote