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Yangshuo, China is a great location for family, school and corporate groups. It provides a rural and beautiful environment, while having the infrastructure to have a fun, comfortable and safe trip. Yangshuo also offers outdoor, cultural and team-building opportunities for groups of all sizes and ages.

Black Rock is able to organize single-multi day trips for groups of all sizes. Not only can we organize activities, but also meals and lodging. Our trips challenge participants to step outside their physical and cultural comfort zone and learn form their peers and their surroundings. We hope each participant leaves with a better appreciation of nature, a more culturally aware perspective, and a better understanding of themselves.

Tell us what and when, let us organize it

Black Rock tries to arrange trips that fulfill each group’s unique interests. We ask for you to contact us and explain some of your priorities so that we can make a trip in which you will be truly satisfied. Please include information about what activities you are interested in, and also whether you would like to include cultural, charity, and team building activities alongside your outdoor activities.

Prices of trips differ depending on your duration of stay, how many participants there will be, which activities you wish to participate in, and whether food and lodging is included. An example trip is posted below with an estimated price.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
1 Abseiling Climbing Cormorant fishing
2 Kayaking Fan painting Free time
3 Cooking school Team building Departure

For a group of 45 students, the above itinerary (including food and lodging), would be about 550rmb/pp/day.