Rock climbing
Training for all levels

Aniu, our lead guide and North Face sponsored climber, and our guide Joe ( Xiaoqi) teach rock climbing courses. Aniu has taught over 50 students, including the rock climbing coaches at Club Med Guilin (Yuzi Paradise Guilin). Since Aniu has been more and more busy with construction and consulting projects, Joe has taken over most of the lessons and gets nothing but praise and friendship from his already numerable students.

Rock climbing courses last from 2 to 10 days for people who want to go beyond a day trip for fun and learn the technical aspects such as anchor setting and cleaning, belaying, lead-belaying and lead climbing.

Interested in training with us?

Please contact us, explaining your situation (ie. how many days you want to learn, your priorities for the class, your prior experience, etc.) and we will give you a price estimate. Sometimes Aniu will accept students for free in exchange for creative individuals that will help with work in the shop, picture taking and shop promotion.

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