Zip-lining with Black Rock Yangshuo


Not only will you enjoy an adrenaline rush as you step off the edge and fly across a canyon formed by two karst peaks, but the zipline is also placed in a scenic area outside of Yangshuo. You will be able to walk through a small village, rice paddies and lotus ponds. Then there is a small hike up a karst peak, where you will enjoy a magical view from above.

Easier than climbing and abseiling, but definitely exciting as well, zip-lining can be combined with some abseiling at the place called Treasure Cave. Perfect for an original, intense and fun day out in the countryside.

Note that we need at least two customers in order to organize this, because of the staff needed for setting up and taking care of the activity.

Duration: ~4 hours

Price: 450 rmb per person

(Contact us ifyou’re with a big group, for a group discount.)


Zip-lining with Black Rock Yangshuo yangshuo-climbing-spot-1 IMG_3970 IMG_3988 01309898019415BEFF80808130963B05